Community Partners

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Willie & Coote Salon helps sponsor a yearly fundraiser for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

At a St. Baldrick’s event, something amazing happens. Volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, and family and friends give generously – worldwide. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation uses the donations to fund more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the United States Government.

Wigs for Kids

The various causes of hair loss in children don’t result in just physical suffering. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self-image and sabotage their self-esteem. To help heal the pain of these struggles, Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul founded Wigs for Kids, a non-profit hair donation organization that has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981.

Wigs for Kids is a cooperative effort among Certified Cosmetic Therapists throughout North America who share a common goal. “Children shouldn’t have to worry about how they look, especially when they’re in the middle of a health crisis,” says Jeffrey Paul. “We want to give these kids the opportunity to feel good about themselves again.”

Complimentary haircuts with 12″ or more hair donation. Book today!

Aveda Walk for Water

In support of Earth Month, Willie & Coote Salon participates in the Aveda Walk for Water.

Participants walk 6 km (4 miles) to represent the average distance that women in developing nations have to walk every day for access to clean water.